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DankGirls LLC

July Prize Package

July Prize Package

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 1. Must live in United States(Any state — yes ANY state) 

2. All entries are $5 each. You can get as many as you’d like all month long. 

3. DO NOT put “Raffle” in the line, ever.  Put “gift”.  

4. If you’re sending through APPLE PAY please send your first & last name with payment. If sending through PAYPAL please send as friends & family only!!! 

5. If you’re paying under someone else’s name/business name please put your name in notes 

6. Failure to send payment gets your order cancelled. You must send payment once you complete the order on the website or your entries don’t count. 


PAYMENT INFO: Please note this website DOES NOT take payment from you. You will receive information on how to pay for your spots during the checkout process (pay attention it’s before & after checkout) It will show all payment options DankGirls has & once you click on the payment you want to proceed with it will have instructions on what to do next — 

SHIPMENT NOTIFICATIONS: Please note that you might receive a confirmation email saying “order on way” once I go through & add your entries to the wheel. This doesn’t mean you won it just means your entries are confirmed. I will always contact the winner before shipping. The email doesn’t always send either. As long as you place order on website THEN send payment you’re all set! 

CONFIRMED ENTRIES: As long as you placed the order ON the WEBSITE FIRST and then SENT PAYMENT FOR ENTRIES after, you’re all set. I will email/text you if I don’t receive payment by the end of the month when I go through entires to add them to the wheel. 

”HOW DO I KNOW IF I WON?” — I go live on our Facebook page the first week of the following month “DankGirls LLC” to spin a wheel. I will contact you if you’re the winner. Please don’t message me, text me, etc asking if you won. 



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